Item #14300 Printing in New Jersey, 1754-1800: A Descriptive Bibliography. JOSEPH J. FELCONE.
Printing in New Jersey, 1754-1800: A Descriptive Bibliography

Printing in New Jersey, 1754-1800: A Descriptive Bibliography


Item #14300

FELCONE, JOSEPH J. Printing in New Jersey, 1754-1800: A Descriptive Bibliography. Worcester: American Antiquarian Society, 2012. 4to. lii, 487, [2] p. Cloth. Dust jacket. New. The first printing office in New Jersey was opened by James Parker in Woodbridge in 1754. At Parker's death in 1770, Quaker Isaac Collins moved from Philadelphia to Burlington and established the colony's second press. At the conclusion of his military service, Shepard Kollock set up the third press at Chatham in early 1779. With the return to peace in the early 1780s, printing expanded rapidly, and by 1790 New Jerseyans had seen the establishment, and in some cases rapid demise, of almost a dozen printing offices. In the decade of the 1790s, printing spread throughout the state, from Sussex County to Cumberland County, and by the end of the century, forty individuals had either been proprietors or partners in New Jersey printing offices. This bibliography records the books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, and broadsides issued from each of these presses. Part One treats all printing known with certainty to have come from an eighteenth-century New Jersey press. Each entry provides the full title, format, collation, pagination, expanded contents, paper and watermarks, type size, binding, references, inventory of copies located, and copy-specific notes describing each located copy. Finally, each entry concludes with extensive notes (which, in the case of important works such Smith's history of New Jersey, the Collins Bible, and Paterson's laws, &c., run to several pages in length). Part Two records in detail items that may have been printed in New Jersey but for which insufficient documentation has been found to permit a clear attribution to a New Jersey press. Most are broadsides and small pamphlets that pertain to New Jersey but do not bear a printer's imprint. Part Three contains items incorrectly assigned to a New Jersey press by earlier bibliographers. In each case the misattribution is explained and the item is removed from the New Jersey printing canon. Following the bibliography are three appendixes. The first consists of tables listing the alphabetical, chronological, and geographical distribution of printing offices in eighteenth-century New Jersey. The second is a New Jerse.

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